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2016 Low Overall Cost For Lifetime Of Protection Rev Min 2


HUNTSVILLE, Ala., (May 7, 2016) – Protecting and preserving your brand new pick-up is something every truck owner thinks about. Trucks are built for roughhousing, but protection is key for sustaining its value over the life of the truck. LINE-X is a global leader in high performance protective coatings, with tested and perfected products that have proven to be among the toughest on the market. For about $500, the cost of a single payment for many truck owners, LINE-X keeps that bed looking new for as long as you own your truck – no matter how rough you are with it. 

When it comes down to it, truck owners have three options for bed protection: 

  • No Bedliner:
    • Upfront cost: $0
    • Guarantees paint and metal damage
    • Exposes bare metal to elements which invites rust and deterioration 
    • Will depreciate the vehicle's value
  • Drop-in bedliner or bed mat
    • Upfront cost: $200 - $500
    • Prone to cracking and warping
    • Extremely slick, could cause dangerous sliding of cargo
    • Will damage the bed's paint from dirt and debris trapped under bed liner
    • Increased chance of rust on bed floor due to trapped moisture
    • Reported cases of drop-ins sliding out on highways causing accidents
  • Spray-on bedliner
    • Upfront cost: $500 - $700
    • LINE-X is the toughest spray-on bedliner in the market
    • Adds value to your truck
    • Will protect and preserve the bed for as long as you own your truck
    • Superior scratch and impact protection
    • Provides durability and solid grip to avoid sliding cargo
    • No rust, no deterioration, no worries
    • UV protection and custom color options available

“Our product really is the best of the best, and we have put that to the test with years of chemical research, development and evaluation.” said Dennis Weese, President of LINE-X. “The value that LINE-X adds to vehicles enhances their worth, provides an incredible aesthetic, and most importantly it gives truck owners the best durability you can find in the marketplace today.” 

LINE-X offers specially formulated polymers that permanently bond to surfaces for unmatched durability under the most extreme use. This high-quality spray-on application contours to the shape of truck beds and other surfaces to seal and protect from weather, road grime, scratches, dents and most household chemicals, while adding an attractive finish that both protects and enhances value. In addition to LINE-X’s superior protective coatings, LINE-X’s exclusive aftermarket accessory line, Truck Gear by LINE-X, is also available for customers looking to further customize their vehicles, and all Truck Gear accessories carry a lifetime end-to-end warranty.