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what kind of protection do you get?

LINE-X Protective Coatings are environmentally friendly, contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and provide high performance coatings solutions to industry-specific requirements and severe service environments.

the options are limitless

Your equipment works hard, so giving it the protection it needs means longer life cycles and lower maintenance costs. Adding a LINE-X® Protective Coating to any of your equipment will make it stronger and last longer. People around the world requiring tough corrosion-, abrasion-, and impact-resistant coatings trust our high-performance polyurethane/polyurea coatings. For over 25 years, LINE-X has provided our customers and manufacturing partners with enhanced surface coatings aimed at increasing product durability, standing up to the wear-and-tear you give it, and eliminating down-time. LINE-X protects you beyond the bedliner.

What Can You Protect?

Let your imagination be your guide. These are some of the more popular LINE-X applications beyond the bedliner.

  • Boats
  • Trailers
  • UTV's
  • ATV's
  • Military Equipment
  • Work Trucks
  • Police Vehicles
  • Amusement Park Rides
  • Secondary Containment Areas
  • Hand Railings
  • Automotive Accessories
  • Full Vehicles
  • Foam Sculptures
  • Coolers
  • Van Interiors
  • Tool Handles
  • Fixtures
  • Fire Trucks
  • Military Vehicles
  • Telecommunications Equipment
  • Concrete
  • Cargo Holds
  • Ballistic Plates

What Are You Going To Protect?

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Testimonials Bg

"I recently had to load some concrete curb sections in my truck. As I was tossing them in the bed, not only did the curbs not scratch the LINE-X, but it didn’t even leave a single dent."

- Alan Buller
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"Everybody noticed how our tractors are scratched by the carts and dollies and how the self-propelled belt loaders are scratched along the body. I researched many coatings, and we chose LINE-X because it provides excellent levels of abrasion and impact resistance. Even in the most massive hits, there are no scratches!"

- Radu Gadea, Romanian Airport Services
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"I asked to have a quote to spray the floor of our reptile house. LINE-X pricing was competitive and the crew went above and beyond to make sure that everything was properly prepped and finished to the highest level. I would recommend LINE-X to anyone."

- Small Municipal Zoo Northern Illinois
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