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Helping a Groomer Keep Its Clients Happy

LINE-X Franchises offer a full lineup of aftermarket products and services plus industry-defining protective coatings that can help small businesses looking for durable alternatives to paint, slip-resistant surfaces and evens ways to prolong essential equipment. LINE-X is known for having the best truck bedliner in the business but LINE-X protective coatings offer durability and slip resistance on everything from truck beds to stainless steel pet grooming tables.

Czech Republic Tank Complete

Case Study: Wastewater Tank Lining

Outdoor and underground storage tanks are subject to corrosion and abrasion from chemicals, temperature swings and relentless wear-and-tear. For a local chemical factory in the Czech Republic, the threat of leaks and spills is unacceptable. They needed a permanent waterproofing solution from LINE-X. A seamless waterproof LINE-X coating added to their existing concrete tanks meets the local environmental protection regulations and prevents contamination.  Read more about how LINE-X sealed 4,843 square feet of tank lining. 

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Case Study: How LINE-X keeps refrigerated vans running cooler, longer

Companies around the world rely on refrigerated vans to get their food goods transported from the manufacturing facility to their final destination. Some of these vans are stripped down utility vehicles with little to no insulation. That's where LINE-X comes in.