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900x600 Lxp Hard Folding Tonneau Cover Listing

Toughest Tonneau Cover for Your Truck Bed

Hard-folding tonneau covers are designed to protect equipment and personal items in your truck bed from weather, damage and theft. Hard cover styles are more durable and secure than other available options. Veteran truck owners looking for serious cargo protection should consider these key benefits of a hard-folding cover.

Can Your Cooler Do This Final Edited

Truck Gear Expedition Cooler Challenge

We took our new Truck Gear by LINE-X Expedition Cooler to Moab, UT for the Easter Jeep Safari and tried to break it. We rolled it off cliffs, dragged it behind a Jeep, even parked a Jeep on it. Did it survive and how did it look after? We just have to say, that's one tough cooler!

Blog Accessories Truckgear

Taking Trucks to the Next Level

As a global leader in near-‘indestructible’ protective coatings, LINE-X’s dedication to trucks and their owners has always been bold and unwavering. Now we’re taking that to another level.