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Linex Whatnottospraywhenundercoating Blogphoto Nov2021

Undercoating a Truck with LINE-X

Truck owners in the rust belt often spray their truck’s undercarriage with an undercoating product to prevent rust – which forms so easily driving on salt-treated winter roads. There are many different types of products out there, and all of them have their pros and cons. Undercoating your truck is a serious undertaking. If you’d rather let the experts handle it, reach out to your local LINE- dealer for professional undercoating services.

Ouw Linex Plasticfenders

Can You LINE-X Plastic Fenders?

Many gearheads have discovered the benefits of using LINE-X coatings to line more than their truck beds. You can use LINE-X on other parts of your vehicle, including plastic fenders, to protect against rust, dents, and scrapes.

Linex Howtofixarustedtruckbed Blogphoto Aug2021

Truck Bed Rust Repair with LINE-X

A little rust isn’t a big deal. But once it starts to spread (it always does) it becomes a bigger problem. Whether you’ve got a small rust spot, or the iron worm has lived a long life in your bed, LINE-X can help.