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Your local LINE-X store is open for business! Each store is closely adhering to CDC guidelines for safety. Please call your local LINE-X store for details.

Your local LINE-X store is open for business! Each store is closely adhering to CDC guidelines for safety. Please call your local LINE-X store for details.

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Work Truck Show


LINE-X, a global leader in powerful protective coatings designed to deliver extreme protection for the most mission-critical demands, wrapped up the 2017 NTEA Work Truck Show by featuring their full line of spray-on armor products to fleet and industry professionals March 14-17 in Indianapolis. With many of the coatings at the show sharing a similar level of protective power seen in LINE-X’s defense and military applications – such as bomb blast mitigation on the Pentagon – an incredible level of trust is placed in the company’s solutions for fire trucks and SWAT vehicles to fleets of commercial and municipal vehicles of every size and type.

LINE-X protects against: 

  • Corrosion
  • Abrasion
  • Impact damage 
  • Slippery conditions 

LINE-X can be applied to virtually any part of a vehicle:

  • Beds
  • Bumpers
  • Rockers
  • Step bars
  • Service compartments
  • Bulkheads
  • Equipment
  • Racking systems
  • Much more

PLUS enhanced aesthetics/good looks for the long haul – with full color matching/customization capabilities and style options. Fleet managers, fleet equipment manufacturers and end users looking to improve the protection and aesthetics/style of their critical pieces of equipment can trust LINE-X as the clear leader in scientifically-advanced, spray-on protective coatings for the most extreme conditions. 

Major Industrial Partners Showcase Trusted, Real-World LINE-X Solutions.

Nine different companies including Stellar, Knapheide, Kubota, Real Power, Curry, Omaha Standard Palfinger, ProTech and Versalift – showcased the power of LINE-X at the show and trust LINE-X on their equipment in the field. One of the most unique applications was on display at the M&K/Crysteel booth where LINE-X was applied to a dump truck body. The dump truck application was so impressive that it resulted in the purchase of the truck at the show and the new owner is taking it back to LINE-X of Indianapolis for additional LINE-X treatments.

Customized Solutions For Extreme and Diverse Demands.

LINE-X offers several different coating products to meet the specialized needs of just about any company, government entity or overall challenge. A variety of advanced, patented formulas – trusted with some of the most mission-critical scenarios across the world – provide a variety of very specific protections that take on the most extreme challenges.   

  • Slip-resistant surfaces textured for grip
  • Extreme abrasion and impact resistance 
  • High corrosion resistance 
  • Watertight applications 
  • Fire retardant formulations 
  • Sound deadening 

“The 2017 NTEA Work Truck Show was the perfect place for LINE-X to show how we can have an immediate impact on the durability and longevity of a fleet vehicle,” said Dennis Weese, president of LINE-X. “Work and fleet vehicles used by companies, government organizations and municipalities all deserve world-class solutions that extend vehicle life cycles, improve performance, decrease downtown and increase safety/cost effectiveness. We truly deliver on that promise – and the immense trust that’s placed in our celebrated ‘armor’ solutions for the most challenging demands is a testament to that.” 

Ultimate Protection for Fleets Big and Small.

There are more than six million fleet vehicles in operation around the country and LINE-X’s incredible coatings help preserve the vehicles and equipment by providing an impenetrable barrier of protection. In addition to protection from elements, vehicles like pickup trucks, utility trucks, emergency and SWAT vehicles are all safer with a unique texture of LINE-X coatings that helps provide exceptional grip in slippery conditions.  Added safety can help save a company or government from lost time, resources and productivity. 

LINE-X coatings are repairable nationwide at any LINE-X franchise location and many applications offer limited or lifetime warranties. There simply is no better choice for fleet managers looking to better protect their organization’s assets.

You Build It. LINE-X Protects It. When Safety and Protection Matter Most…#LINEXIT.

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