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Uses of polyurea

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Uses of polyurea

Polyurea spray coatings, like LINE-X, can be used in a wide variety of industries. They are often used to prevent corrosion, resist abrasion and impact damage and provide a reliable waterproof lining to tanks, pipes, roofs, etc. From the familiar applications to the unusual, polyurea coatings and their uses come in many forms. Some you may not expect.

Custom Sculpture | High-Density Foam

At 6.5 meters high, this Humpback whale sculpture is impressively lifelike. Commissioned by Sky Ocean Rescue, the sculpture is also unique because it is coated with a long-lasting LINE-X polyurea to keep it protected from the elements. 

Polyurea coatings, like LINE-X, are most often used for large-scale applications like secondary containment, tank lining, oil and gas storage, even factory floors. But there is a growing trend across many industries to use polyurea coatings to protect all kinds of new equipment and projects - including this whale sculpture. 

The piece is 95% recyclable and sturdy enough remain outdoors for at least five years or more. In addition to protecting the sculpture from rain, snow, wind, the LINE-X coating is also environmentally safe, free of solvents and VOCs/CFCs, making it the preferred choice for a project aiming to be as green as possible. 

You can find polyurea applications in unexpected places:

  • Theme parks
  • Public art installations
  • Water parks
  • Museum exhibitions
  • Playgrounds

Security and Defense | Blast Mitigation for Structural Reinforcement 

Polyurea coatings have a long history of multipurpose uses to meet the diverse needs of different industries. Over the last few decades, polyurea has made the jump to military and defense applications. Protective coatings for armored vehicles, coating solutions to protect against ballistics, spall-resistant protection for armor plates and corrosion-resistant coatings for a variety of assets and military installations are a few common uses to date. 

 PAXCON by LINE-X, a division of IXS Coatings, is a military-grade polyurea protective coating designed to provide superior protection from explosions. It has proven itself as an extremely effective solution for maintaining structural integrity and reducing the effects of flying debris following a high-powered explosive detonation - like a car bomb.  When applied as part of a comprehensive protective measure against terror attacks and other dynamic events, PAXCON aids at keeping structures intact giving occupants valuable time to reach safety. Currently, PAXCON is in use safeguarding the U.S. Pentagon and other high-profile government and commercial facilities.

A few examples how polyurea is used in military applications: 

  • Armored vehicles
  • Ballistic plates
  • Humvees
  • Government, military and private buildings
  • Small-arms protective inserts for military and police ballistic vests

Emergency Response | Fire Apparatus 

Would you be surprised to learn that polyurea is used by first responders? It might be obvious but polyurea is the perfect addition to emergency equipment as an additional layer of durability and reliability. Fire trucks in particular benefit from a tough, non-slip, watertight coating to ensure these purpose-built vehicles are in the best condition possible to help save lives and property. Trucks are used to move personnel, equipment, water, and other supplies to fire scenes safely and quickly. Their upkeep and maintenance are extremely important to fire departments and their municipal leaders as the cost of these vehicles is extremely high. When it comes to protecting and prolonging the life expectancy of truck components, polyurea is often the answer. Polyureas, like LINE-X, are used to prevent corrosion and impact abrasion on step rails, bumpers, door panels, walking surfaces, and equipment compartments of fire trucks.

Emergency response time can be the difference between life and death. First responders can't waste time and energy dealing unreliable vehicles because of corrosion, damage and depreciation. That's why polyureas are widely used on emergency response vehicles to prolong their service life and keep them in top condition. 

  • Fire trucks
  • SWAT trucks
  • Ambulances
  • Utility trucks
  • Snow plows
  • Police cars, trucks and vans
  • K-9 units 

The primary duty of LINE-X and many other polyurea coatings is to protect and prolong the service life of critical equipment. From aging assets and infrastructure to security and defense applications - even amusing projects like custom sculptures that could not survive the elements without protection. You can spray almost anything!

That’s why it’s no surprise to see a diverse mix of industries utilizing polyurea spray technology. There is an infinite list of equipment, vehicles, machinery, structures, etc. that can benefit from polyurea protection to keep working and getting the job done. What’s yours? Tell us more, we love a challenge.

You can read more about the amazing uses of polyurea around the world. Read the full PCE International article here.