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Battlefield Ready: LINE-X Polyurea Coating Protects Military Mobile Welding Trailer

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Battlefield Ready: LINE-X Polyurea Coating Protects Military Mobile Welding Trailer

LINE-X is recognized around the world for providing high-performance protective coatings, and leading advances in polyurea technology and application. LINE-X was recently to provide its scientifically advanced spray-on coatings to Growler Manufacturing and Engineering for use on its combat-welding trailer titled the Mobile Tactical Welding Shop (MTWS). Growler selected LINE-X’s cutting-edge polyurea coating for the highly advanced military welding trailer because it needed a coating that could perform at a high level in combat. Since the MTWS must meet a wide variety of strict U.S. military standards, the LINE-X coating includes Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC). The LINE-X high-build polyurea (HBP) barrier coating meets the attribute requirements of chip, impact, wear and abrasion resistances called out in MIL-PRF-32440B.

Since 1999, Growler has designed and manufactured special-purpose vehicles and equipment at its Star, N.C. facilities. As a Department of Defense (DoD) contractor, Growler is no stranger to designing and manufacturing heavy-duty vehicle equipment for the U. S. armed forces.

  • The MTWS is a military-grade mobile tactical welding shop that integrates specific tools and equipment enclosed in an all-terrain trailer. The MTWS is designed to endure the harshest of elements and the most rugged terrain often found on the battlefield. The MTWS permits highly qualified military personnel to perform both electric and gas cutting and welding for maintenance or repair on vehicles and equipment in combat conditions.
  • The MTWS also contains two on-board engine-driven generators, an air compressor and its own braking system which allow U.S. Marines to keep its fleet of vehicles and equipment running 24/7 during times of war. 

When Growler needed a spray-on protective coating that would meet strict military standards and hold up to the rigors of combat, the company selected LINE-X as its exclusive partner. LINE-X’s protective spray-on coatings will play a crucial role in providing long-lasting durability for the MTWS on the battlefield, which include:

  • Protection against harsh-weather elements such as rain, sand, snow, mud and other debris found in combat
  • Durable, impact- and abrasion-resistant polyurea coating creates a barrier on the surface of the MTWS and protects against chemical- and biological-warfare
  • Increased longevity and extended lifecycle by reducing maintenance and increasing in-service time

“We are very excited to be working with Growler as the exclusive polyurea coating provider for its tactical-welding trailer. Knowing it’s protected by LINE-X is a huge advantage for our military,” said Dennis Weese, president of LINE-X. “As a veteran myself, I understand the harsh conditions experienced on the battlefield, and I am confident that Growler made the right choice by trusting LINE-X to help protect the equipment relied upon by our service members. LINE-X is already trusted by the military in many different applications, and we are excited to add the mobile-welding trailer to that growing list.”

“With protection, coating durability and extended lifecycle in mind, we needed a product that could outperform typical coatings. After evaluating several different options, nothing performed as well as LINE-X, so we quickly determined it was the right choice for this project,” said John Crews, president of Growler Manufacturing and Engineering.

For more examples of LINE-X barrier coatings or to learn how LINE-X can protect your key assets, please contact a LINE-X coatings expert today.