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1975 Ford Bronco Exterior Refinished with LINE-X ULTRA Specialty Polyurea Coating

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1975 Ford Bronco Exterior Refinished with LINE-X ULTRA Specialty Polyurea Coating

With the 2018 SEMA Show right around the corner, we wanted to revisit one of last year’s head-turning trucks created as a tribute to the 1969 Shelby Cobra GT 500 from Gone in 60 Seconds, better known as Eleanor.

Featured by CarBuzz, Zero to 60 Designs built a unique masterpiece rebuilding this 1975 Ford Bronco coated with LINE-X’s ULTRA spray-on protective coating on the exterior. ULTRA is a newly developed polyurea coating that is scratch and corrosion resistant, providing rugged durability and armor-like protection with stand-out style.

“In my 20 years of vehicle builds and development, I’ve never seen a modern take on 'Eleanor' reincarnated as a Ford Bronco, so I immediately became interested in taking on this unique challenge,” says Zero to 60 Designs president Kenny Pfitzer.

Elanor’s Big Brother certainly made an impression at SEMA and drew global media attention. This year LINE-X and Zero to 60 Designs are back at it and have another custom build with LINE-X ULTRA to reveal at SEMA.

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Here is what Mike had to say about it…

Hey, off-road enthusiasts, I'm Mike Caudill with Ford Bronco Brothers, and today we're bringing you a quick one-minute tech talk. This vehicle was showcased at SEMA last year. It's a 1975 Ford Bronco, and we chose to spray the exterior with LINE-X’s new product called LINE-X ULTRA.

We chose it because it's tough and durable, but we didn't have a chance to put it to the test before SEMA, so after SEMA we put it to the test. I love this product and let me tell you why.

If you're an off-road enthusiast and you're out there in the desert or up in the forest, you'll get what we call desert pinstriping. It's those scrapes you get down the side of your truck from running through brush. If you've got a vehicle with paint on it you're going to totally destroy that paint taking it off-road.

What I love about LINE-X ULTRA is that all I have to do to get rid of those scratches is take some water and spray it on the side of the vehicle and brush it down. And then once I brush it down, I take a towel, I wipe it down, and it makes the vehicle look exactly like it did on the show floor at SEMA. 

I know everyone asks about weight. This is somewhere around 100 lbs, so it's not adding a lot of weight to the vehicle. But I love that it keeps the dust and debris and everything else off this vehicle when I'm out there 4-wheeling. I get home, I spray it down, and I'm completely done. 

I could go on about LINE-X ULTRA, and there are a lot of different applications for it, but for me, it went on this 1975 Ford Bronco. Good stuff on Tech Talk, this is Mike Caudill with Ford Bronco Brothers. 

So if you're a person out there considering changing up the exterior look of your vehicle, I cannot recommend more highly this LINE-X ULTRA product. It's tough, it's durable, and I will tell you it really protects the exterior of this vehicle. - Mike Caudill

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