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What is the best truck bedliner?

The best protection for a truck bed is one that will preserve the utility of the truck bed for as long as they need it. Truck owners are tough on their vehicles so the best bedliner option is one that provides the durability, longevity and toughness they need. Truck bedliners come in many forms, from a high-pressure spray-on system from a brand like LINE-X or a quick DIY job from a can, but ultimately it depends on how a truck owner uses their truck. For new truck owners, it can be difficult to decide what type of liner and brand to choose. It often comes down to price, looks, durability, and convenience. To help answer these questions we’ve put together a list of the most common type of truck bed liners and the key differences between them.

900x600 Lxp Hard Folding Tonneau Cover Listing

Toughest Tonneau Cover for Your Truck Bed

Hard-folding tonneau covers are designed to protect equipment and personal items in your truck bed from weather, damage and theft. Hard cover styles are more durable and secure than other available options. Veteran truck owners looking for serious cargo protection should consider these key benefits of a hard-folding cover.