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5 Ways LINE-X Improves Fleet Vehicle Upfitting

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5 Ways LINE-X Improves Fleet Vehicle Upfitting

National work-vehicle fleets make our lives more convenient than ever. Packages are delivered right to our door by a fleet of delivery trucks. Rental cars make it possible to get to our destinations while traveling. Moving trucks help us relocate our lives. Food arrives at our local markets and stores by fleet vehicles. Electric, gas and cable utilities are serviced by...yep a fleet of work trucks.

Our lives are constantly supported by massive national fleets of vehicles. It comes as no surprise, that fleet managers are constantly looking for ways to improve their business. Down time for repairs or upfitting means time off the road and lost income.

We work with fleet professionals every day, and here are 5 ways LINE-X is helping to improve vehicle fleets, to keep them on the road longer and working harder.

5 Ways LINE-X Improves Fleet Vehicle Upfitting

Faster Upfitting - Time is money, and in your business time spent in the shop is time lost on the job. LINE-X Fleet Solutions provides significantly faster turnaround times. We have been able to cut fleet upfitting time from months to weeks and even days. This means you get your vehicles back on the job faster and start earning income.

Higher Quality Products - You need to get the most out of your vehicles, so any product you use needs to perform. If you’re choosing the generic spray-on “black stuff”, then you’re going to get generic black-stuff results. LINE-X polyurea protective coatings are the toughest and most durable in the industry. From our meticulous vehicle prep process, higher-quality materials and thicker applications, you can trust a LINE-X protective coating will help your vehicles last longer and look better. Just ask any of our current partners.

Largest National Network - Your goal is to expand your business into new markets, and LINE-X can support you in each new location. LINE-X provides the largest nationwide network of stores and professional technicians for Fleet Solutions. Our store network helps you move from market to market seamlessly. You don’t need to worry about finding a new reliable upfitting partner; we have you covered wherever you go.

National Warranty Program - Your fleet may travel nationwide, so you need a national partner to rely on, no matter where your vehicles are. With LINE-X’s nationwide warranty, if your vehicle has an issue on the road, LINE-X can quickly repair it and get it back in service. It doesn’t matter where you originally had the work done. Our national warranty program provides peace of mind and reliability. It's that simple.

Centralized Process & Billing - Your time is valuable, so LINE-X provides a convenient centralized contact for your company. We believe in one-point resolution to easily manage your account. No more guessing and wasting time searching for the right person. You’ll know exactly who to call for anything you need.


Reliable & Trusted Partner - For over 25 years, LINE-X has built a reputation for delivering high-quality products and services. We pride ourselves on being a trusted source for Fleet Solutions and upfitting. We’re here to help your fleet work harder and go further. Our yellow oval doesn’t just stand for quality, it represents almost three decades of an unwavering commitment to excellence from every single member of our global team.

If you have a challenge we can help with, or you’d like to know more about LINE-X Fleet Solutions, please contact us at [email protected].