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Making the switch to a high-performance business

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Making the switch to a high-performance business

How DIY and semi-professional cartridge systems open the door to more advanced business opportunities. 

Spray cartridge systems are often an easy way for accessory and auto body shops to get started applying truck bed liners without investing in specialized equipment. Stores can test out the market and learn the basics of polyurea application. However, the trade-off for a low barrier of entry, in this case, an inexpensive cartridge system, is a lower quality product. That's why for serious accessory shops, cartridge systems are just a jumping-off point. 

That was the case for Auto Trim Design, a trusted accessory center that has operated for over 40 years. Auto Trim Design added truck bed liners to its product offering as a new service. They started off applying bedliner material with a low-priced cartridge system.  

"We were always pleased with the appearance of the cartridge system finished product, but we were not proud of its durability or quality," said J. Roger Dale, president of Auto Trim Design. 

The growing disappointment in product quality led J. Roger Dale to make a change. As demand for truck bed liners grew, Dale wanted to improve the quality of their product and their service to customers. Auto Trim Design's purpose has always been to add fun and function to a customer's vehicle through quality products and installations. It was time to upgrade the business with higher quality equipment and a higher-performing bed liner product.

"We opened our first LINE-X franchise in October 2018 and are very pleased with the looks AND quality of the finished product we turn out every time now," said Dale. "The LINE-X brand has helped drastically increase the number of beds we spray; and the brand has brought in more customers, leads and more chances for other accessory purchases."

Auto Trim Design opened a second franchise earlier this year. "We've seen an even more drastic uptick in sales at this location." Dale plans to open a third location soon, something his dealership and retail customers are anxiously awaiting. 

"I guess the opening of three franchises in 10 months is testimony enough that we believe in what LINE-X can add to our business." - J. Roger Dale, president Auto Trim Design

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