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Wrought Iron Furniture

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Wrought Iron Furniture

Many homes throughout the country display beautiful outdoor furniture that make enjoying a cup of joe or an ice cold beer on a patio that much more enjoyable. Homeowners are immersed in a sea of options when choosing the style and material their outdoor furniture can be made from. However, there comes a time when the material deemed “weatherproof” begins to break down with exposure from the elements.

LINE-X’s legendary protective power – coupled with virtually unlimited color customization options – take your furniture to the next level in longevity.

Wrought iron furniture is a popular choice amongst homeowners, due to its heavy weight which makes it stable in windy conditions. Their durable look is often masked with a common topcoat finish of generic paint or a light powder coating, which can prove to be problematic after a few rainy periods or snow storms. A noticeable disadvantage comes when the furniture begins to rust and the red and brown streaks begin to appear throughout the furniture and deck or patio. The same technology used to protect bedliners, fire hydrants and military vehicles from bomb blasts – can also be applied outdoor furniture to make it virtually ‘indestructible’ and a true fighter of the elements.

After battling with pesty rust stains, a customer decided to add a protective coating of LINE-X to their wrought iron furniture. The same prep work that goes into protecting a LINE-X truck bedliner is utilized when applying to other objects. The patio furniture first underwent sand-blasting to remove any rust or surface contamination. A primer coating followed to assist with the durability and protection of the topcoat. Finally, A PREMIUM black topcoat sealed it all up to make for a lasting and aesthetically pleasing look and feel – and furniture pieces that stand ready to endure all the beating that Mother Nature and her elements can throw at them.