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Tractor Canopy

City and county road crews across the country use tractors and other equipment to maintain roads, parks, and other public areas. With such a massive responsibility, there is no other option than the near-‘indestructible’ protective power of LINE-X.

Because this equipment is operated in rugged areas such as ditches and heavily treed areas, the plastic canopies are often damaged, forcing managers to burden their budgets on maintenance costs. LINE-X is known for making parts and objects famously durable, so when a city maintenance manager comes to LINE-X looking for a solution to protect tractor cabs and reduce his maintenance costs, the solution already exists.

LINE-X Spray-On Protective Coatings are perfect for making tractor caps element-proof and are specifically designed to handle a variety of diverse applications on different substrates, including the fiberglass or thick plastic used in tractor canopies. Engineered to withstand cracking, peeling, and abrasion like scrapes and scratches from branches and construction hazards – LINE-X is ready to take on the harshest of challenges.

For aesthetics, LINE-X can also be color matched to your tractor for the closest possible style – or sprayed in almost any color of your choice. LINE-X provides a long-lasting protective coating that will keep your tractor cab looking professional and "like new." In addition, LINE-X PREMIUM delivers a durable UV resistant coating that minimizes fading and sun damage over time.

Maintenance managers across the globe are reporting ‘superhero’-like results. Contact with branches along roads are no longer a problem and the investment in coating tractor cabs with LINE-X is saving budget over time. The LINE-X application protects the tractors from damage during routine use which has resulted in lower repair and operating costs. As a result, cities are spraying existing plastic tractor roofs with LINE-X. The end result: Tractors with longer lives and less maintenance from routine damage. #LINEXProtects