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Sea Water Desalination

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Sea Water Desalination

Recent droughts and extreme weather conditions have led to a major focus on alternative energy measures. The ocean covers over 70 percent of the Earth's surface and contains over 95 percent of the planet's water, except this water contains salt and is not suitable for human consumption. Thankfully, scientists have been able to take large amounts of ocean water and make it drinkable through a process called desalination.

The harsh process of desalination is already occurring throughout the world and involves some significantly arduous steps. In particular, the final stages of removing waste product (highly concentrated salt water) at high temperatures can cause damage to the concrete channels used for its removal. With this being an ongoing process, one facility recently tapped LINE-X to provide a lasting solution to the reoccurring damage found within these exit channels.

Due to the its high resistance to severe temperatures and corrosion, LINE-X XS-350 – a product that is tested and proven to withstand high temperatures and levels of salt concentration and temperatures – was chosen as the ideal protective ‘armor’ for this project. Given tight time restrictions allotted for plant closure, LINE-X was tasked with performing the application process in a short window of time. The swift application process used by LINE-X professionals allowed for minimal impact on the facility’s operation and reduced the need for future maintenance shutdowns.

Impressed with LINE-X’s immense dedication to efficiency – coupled with the legendarily advance protective qualities of the ‘armor’ product – other facilities are looking at different ways LINE-X can help them increase production and daily operation with the simple application of this industrial grade LINE-X coating.

Similar applications have been performed at various facilities throughout the world and LINE-X is proud to be assisting all industries during this revolutionary period of time. The recent shift in focusing on alternative measures to keep the earth green has presented LINE-X with numerous opportunities to help various industries maintain their focus on creating innovations to help us live a greener life. All while protecting surfaces, facilities and budgets.