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Exterior Body Armour Protection

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Exterior Body Armour Protection

Sure, you’re passionate about your vehicle. Many owners spend hours customizing their trucks with several different aftermarket accessories like step bars, grille guards or wheels. But no paint job is going to deliver the ‘indestructible’ protection, customized color/style, texture and overall ability to take on the harshest elements, roughest challenges and everyday wear & tear like LINE-X Body Armour™.

Over time, wear from gravel roads, sun exposure and regular road hazards can cause a vehicle's paint finish to deteriorate, but with LINE-X, the threat is eliminated. A full-body protective coating can prevent rust by providing an impenetrable barrier that will protect a vehicle from small scratches to serious abrasion. But durability is only part of the story. It’s all about style.

LINE-X’s celebrated Color Match technology allows for the most impressive color customization options and personalized looks to complement the unbelievable properties of our protective coating. And unlike weak offerings from the pretenders out there (competitors), our hot process turns the whole LINE-X material into a ‘paint’ of sorts, with the color fully mixed into the armor – not a cheap layer of color just sprayed on top.

LINE-X stands up to the abuse of the road, while providing abrasion and impact resistance. Before any product is applied, the truck is carefully prepped. Any pre-existing corrosion is thoroughly removed, the entire truck is cleaned, and any accessories are securely protected or removed as necessary. To thoroughly seal the deal, a UV stable coat of LINE-X PREMIUM is applied – delivering a durable, UV resistant coating that minimizes fading and sun damage.