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Consumer Bedliners

When it comes to truck bedliners, LINE-X not only changed the game…it redefined it.

With the power of superior science, constant development and the resulting legendary, near-‘indestructible’ properties, LINE-X Bedliners have become the gold standard in pickup truck bed protection over the past couple of decades. Combined with a ‘hot process’ and meticulous application by trained professionals, LINE-X truly defines ‘premium bedliner.’ In addition, careful quality inspection ensures that the coating is always sprayed to a standard thickness – delivering a reliable product every time.

You can count on complete confidence in the same material that has protected everything from the Pentagon to the most demanding work trucks around the world. So much so that LINE-X Bedliners come with a lifetime warranty against cracking, bubbling or flaking and are designed to hold up in extremely hot and cold environments. Gouges, rips and tears are no worry. And LINE-X naturally resists most chemicals, including chlorine, gasoline, diesel fuel, bleach and most household solvents.

One size never fits all, so LINE-X has developed a variety of bedliner options to fit a wide range of needs including, of course, LINE-X’s famous Color Match technology to deliver the ultimate in protection and customized style.


LINE-X® PREMIUM™ couples the abrasion and impact protection people already trust with the UV protection a bedliner needs to stay new-looking forever. Because it’s 300% tougher than before, it’s face resistant, has a long-lasting finish that is easy to clean and is very resistant to harsh chemicals and impact abrasions. It won’t crack, bubble or peel and carries LINE-X’s famous Nationwide Lifetime Warranty.


A truck is much more than just another vehicle. Whether it’s a workhorse or casual daily driver, a factory or old faded bedliner takes the brunt of that abuse. To take it from weak to awesome, LINE-X has created LINE-X RENEW™. LINE-X RENEW is a bedliner enhancement system that can be used to repair and enhance any spray-on bedliner to the near-quality of a LINE-X Bedliner. LINE-X RENEW is the only bedliner enhancement system available that repairs and enhances a current spray-on bedliner, elevating the look and power of the old bedliner without required the complete stripping of the old bedliner, all for about the cost of a good detailing.


Bedliners don’t always have to be black and boring – and that’s where LINE-X XTRA™ comes in. LINE-X has taken bedliners to the next level with premium Color Match technology, enabling optimum style and customization possibilities. You like a color, LINE-X will try and match it – all through a ‘hot process.’ Like all LINE-X coatings, it offers the ultimate in protection against cracking, bubbling, peeling and of course, color fading.