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Preserve Your Truck with a Custom Flatbed Protective Coating

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Preserve Your Truck with a Custom Flatbed Protective Coating

Flatbed trucks are made to haul nearly anything, and they can take a lot of wear and tear in the process. While cargo areas of flatbeds are designed and reinforced to withstand heavy loads, impacts, and abrasions, most of these trucks only have a standard paint protecting the flatbed’s metal. Enter LINE-X Body Armour – and its proven surface protection.

Our protective coatings aren’t just for aesthetics. Drivers who need their flatbed trucks or trailers to last can rely on LINE-X for tough protection against corrosion, dents, scratches, and more. Read below about how one LINE-X location helped a welding shop by installing durable flatbed trailer deck coatings on three of their vehicles.

Rugged Protection For Flatbed Truck or Commercial Flatbed Trailers

The owners of a local welding shop were becoming extremely frustrated at having to constantly repaint the beds of their trucks. Steel and other metalwork were scratching the paint during hauling. Because company image and maintaining professional and clean-looking trucks were important to the owners, they needed a solution for their trucks’ flatbed exteriors that would last longer and protect better than everyday paint. Not only that, but they also wanted a solution that would protect their flatbeds on top of looking professional.

Our Custom Flatbed Trailer Deck Coating Solution

We wanted to set this company up for success with custom-lined flatbeds, which meant removing the existing paint. Three new flatbeds for trucks were brought into a local LINE-X store before being installed. One-by-one, LINE-X experts prepared the flatbed surface for application with a process that involves detailed sandblasting and surface prep.

We then masked off other surfaces of the truck before priming the surfaces with SF-515. Next, we applied a 125m mil layer of XS-100 in the high-risk areas of the flatbed surface, with a slightly thinner layer of coating around lower wear sections, which require roughly 90 mils.

The customer picked up the finished beds from LINE-X and installed them on the trucks. Each flatbed took approximately two days to complete, ensuring limited downtime for the company. As small business owners, every LINE-X prioritizes the needs of fleet vehicle owners to keep your organization on the road.

The LINE-X XS-100 protective coating, known as Body Armour, combines durability and proven protection against even the brutal demands of a working flatbed truck. Just like you, we go the extra mile. We finished off each flatbed with custom paintwork on the trucks’ horseshoe handles.

A Smart Investment: Protect Your Flatbed Truck For The Long Haul

Body Armour protection extends the working life of the flatbed by reducing the risk of corrosion or structural failure. The LINE-X application extended the maintenance cycle of those three flatbeds by more than 400%. Save time and keep your fleet on the move with the right LINE-X application for the way you work.

Protect Any Truck Bed With LINE-X

Put the same commercial-quality protection we used on these custom flatbeds to protect your own truck. From commercial fleet solutions to tried-and-true bedliners for your personal truck, your local LINE-X has your covered. Request a quote today to get started.