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LINE-X ULTRA: Popular Mechanics Best of SEMA 2016

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LINE-X ULTRA: Popular Mechanics Best of SEMA 2016

Source: SEMA 2016 Popular Mechanics Editor's Choice Awards

Each year Popular Mechanics compiles a list of the best the SEMA Show has to offer. This year, LINE-X ULTRA is near the top. 

LINE-X ULTRA was featured prominently in the 2016 SEMA Show. Not only did it amplify builds in the LINE-X booth, it was a prominent feature on booth vehicles for Covercraft, Maxxis Tire and LTAA. Of the dozens of bedliner-type coatings used on the exteriors of Jeeps and trucks at the show, nothing matched LINE-X ULTRA. It is pleasing to the eye and the skin, nothing like the sandpapery grit of some other spray-on coatings. Editor Timothy Dahl of Popular Mechanics took notice of ULTRA on the LINE-X Tundra 4x4 Crewmax at SEMA, he dubbed it one of the Best of SEMA 2016. The truck showcases all that ULTRA offers for the bold off-road or custom truck enthusiast. 

1. Thin build application, up to 20 mils (20 thousandths of an inch), perfect for tight clearances like door jambs

2. More durable than paint or powder coat, able to withstand scrapes along the trail, or forge your own

3. Can be customized to virtually any color

4. Slight texture which is pleasing to the touch

5. UV stable, resists fading and discoloration 

Dahl writes, "Like it or not, the bedliner full body paint trend continues to grow among off-road enthusiasts and those who want to add a textured and durable exterior to their vehicle. LINE-X has responded to this trend by releasing a bedliner paint that is specifically made as an all over topcoat. It's only 20 mils thick (20 thousandths of an inch) and offers protection that is similar to their bedliner product. It can be color matched to any exterior so you're not stuck with just black. It's currently only available at select installers, but should be nationwide sometime next year."

With LINE-X ULTRA now on the scene to shake up the aftermarket, it's never been a better time to be a car or truck enthusiast, or a LINE-X Franchisee. Learn more about LINE-X ULTRA and how you can take your truck from boring to brilliant.