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LINE-X Delivers Extreme Protection for Work Truck Fleets

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LINE-X Delivers Extreme Protection for Work Truck Fleets

While most truck enthusiasts know LINE-X as a global leader in ‘unbreakable’ bedliners and truck accessories – every year, several of the most prominent companies and federal/state/local governments across the country (and world) rely on LINE-X to create the toughest work trucks and fleets anywhere.

With a similar level of extreme protection that can be seen in defense/military applications – such as bomb blast mitigation on the Pentagon – various protective coating options are being used on everything from fire trucks and SWAT vehicles to fleets of commercial and municipal vehicles of every size and type. LINE-X’s versatility and universal appeal as a powerful protective coating has made it a primary choice of everyone from fleet managers, fleet equipment manufacturers and end users looking to improve the protection and aesthetics/style of their critical pieces of equipment as well as enhanced safety for the operator. 

Critical Protection Enhances Safety 

Manufacturing is complex business and we salute those who are doing it right: emphasis on product safety, durability and supporting American workers here at home. LINE-X is committed to helping manufacturers reach these ambitions. By leveraging our 20+ years of protective coatings experience, overall superior product lineups, customer service/customization and exceptional technical support, LINE-X delivers 24-hour reinforcement – while also providing onsite equipment install, training and support to these entities. Our award-winning research and development team is constantly designing formulas to meet critical requirements. Whether it’s a specific color, texture or application process, the sky is the limit with our blast bomb-tested protective coatings.

Improve Performance and Cost-Effectiveness

  • Manufactured goods and equipment last longer, suffer many less failures and provide end users with valuable peace of mind knowing their machines are armored in one of the world’s most advanced protective compounds
  • Aesthetics, good looks for the long haul
  • Superior durability against the harsh conditions (salt, chemicals, cold, heat, etc.)
  • Thick or thin build coatings
  • Slip resistance for operator safety
  • Full-color customization
  • No fading or discoloration
  • Repairable nationwide
  • Limited and Lifetime Warranties


Every job has its challenges. Millions of operators and truck owners rely on LINE-X for superior durability on their personal and work trucks. In fact, LINE-X is the product of choice for high volume coal dump trucks working in mines in West Virginia. LINE-X coats the inside of the truck bed preventing impact damage and scratches – and acts as a thermal barrier to stop loads from freezing to the metal. Because of the LINE-X coating, these trucks continue performing in the field longer; see less down-time; and haul more efficiently.

Think LINE-X is just for your truck bed, think again. LINE-X is the preferred protective coating for all kinds of extreme use vehicles and products.

  • Automotive/Trucks
  • Work Truck Manufacturers: Utiltity, Service, Mechanic, Dump or Forrestry 
  • Recreational Vehicle/Motorhome Manufacturers
  • Boat and Watercraft Manufacturers
  • Trailer Manufacturers


With more than six million fleet vehicles in the United States and countless more large commercial vehicles in use, one of LINE-X’s incredible coatings may truly extend the life cycle of your fleet vehicle - adding dollars to your bottom line. Not only do LINE-X protective coatings protect against scratches, abrasions, dents, corrosion and other types of damage – they also provide additional grip for employees working on and around these vehicles. 

Over the years, LINE-X has coated different walking surfaces of fire trucks, bucket trucks, utility trucks and other service vehicles with protective coatings to protect against the elements to make the surfaces safer to work on in inclement weather. LINE-X coatings also protect against damage that could render a vehicle inoperable and in need of repairs – which can cost a company or government in money/resources and lost productivity. There simply is no better choice for fleet managers than LINE-X - our warranty, brand, product selection and service network of 550 locations in North America - we are with you for the long haul. 

This year, LINE-X hits the big work truck stage and will showcase several of its protective coatings at the 2017 NTEA Work Show at the Indiana Convention Center, Booth 4191, from March 14 to 16. 

You Build It. LINE-X Protects It. When Safety and Protection Matter Most…#LINEXIT.

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