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LINE-X Heats Up Fire Trucks With Black-Out Style

Black Out Fire Truck

LINE-X Heats Up Fire Trucks With Black-Out Style

Black LINE-X Polyurea Protective Coatings is the New Standard for Emergency Vehicles

One of the hottest trends on fire trucks and emergency response vehicles is replacing the chrome parts with black LINE-X polyurea protective coatings. This not only gives the vehicles a mean new look, but also protects these vital areas from damage.

Fire trucks have an enormous demand placed on them, and experience tremendous wear and tear. Going with the new "Black-Out" trend, fire trucks have added greater protection against tool impact, dents, chips, chemical corrosion, rust and slipping.

FireFighterNation.com recently featured the new Rosenbauer Avenger with LINE-X. As they discuss, “Rosenbauer America is no stranger to incorporating new technology into fire apparatus design.”

LINE-X has worked with Rosenbauer to ensure their trucks meet the growing needs of firefighters across the world. The article goes on to state, “One of the most requested areas of concern for fire apparatus purchasers is an extreme duty interior. No plastic is used; instead, it has LINE-X interior spray with an aluminum rear wall and aluminum dash and engine tunnel. Not only will this help with wear and tear on the inside of the cab but it looks good as well.”

You can read the full FireFighterNation.com article here.

To see more of the LINE-X polyurea "Black-Out" style, and a full review of LINE-X Fire Truck Protective Coatings by Sentinel Emergency Solutions and Sullivan Fire / Rescue, check out their video: