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Modern Ark Ready for Next Storm with Waterproof and Impact Protection

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Modern Ark Ready for Next Storm with Waterproof and Impact Protection

This modern day Noah's Ark was created to help people find shelter during severe storms, hurricanes, tropical storms and raging flood waters. Like a true ark, the structure is made of wood. But unlike the biblical version, this ark is modernized with advanced protective coatings technology to defend against higher strength winds and storm surges. For people to survive in these conditions the ark must be able to withstand impact damage from fast-moving debris, sharp terrain hidden under the torrent, and an onslaught of water.

Wood alone wasn't going to cut it. The ark needed protection to match the extreme conditions it would be subjected to. Enter LINE-X cutting-edge polyurea. Professionally applied and subjected to rigorous testing, the LINE-X pure polyurea used here completely seals the exterior against leaks while adding extreme protection against impact and abrasion. Whether applied wood or metal, LINE-X can absorb impact and resist damage by remaining both flexible and strong, without losing adhesion even in the midst of a hazardous flood. Noah would be jealous of this ark. 

More impressive still is the interior. With a modest interior, this ark is comfortable and safe. These features are powered by battery cells from recycled hybrid vehicles. Going beyond just creature comforts, it will be important for survivors to have access to water, shelter and sanitary conditions during the chaos of a natural disaster. 

While no apocalyptic floods have put this ark to the test, the addition of an impact resistant, waterproof LINE-X coating means this floating shelter is ready for anything. With the success of this application, more arks will be built and sprayed with LINE-X to help people stay safe during a natural disaster. 

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