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Do Truck Owners Really Need a Bedliner?

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Do Truck Owners Really Need a Bedliner?

One of the first upgrades a new truck owner makes to their pickup is a spray-on truck bed liner. For people serious about durability and guaranteed coverage, LINE-X is the only way to go.

A question that often crosses the minds of new truck owners is whether or not they need a bedliner. They’ve heard from friends, read things online, but just really aren’t sure what to do, but they know they need to do something.

For most owners, the addition of a bed liner is an easy decision; and after a bit of research, they learn the best choice is a LINE-X spray-in bedliner. For other owners, the decision is less obvious. They may ask themselves if they need a truck bed liner at all. You'll see trucks all over the country used in a variety of different ways, and with different kinds of truck bed protection. Some owners may choose to keep their truck beds bare, with no additional protection from gouges and scrapes.  But that's not the best option for preventing rust. Any protection is better than nothing and there are several choices out there: spray-on bed liner, DIY bed liner from a can, plastic drop-in liner, or other drop-in materials like carpet or rubber mats. When it comes to reliable truck bed protection, there's only one choice for owners serious about getting the most out of their pickup trucks, and it's based on years of research and experience.

LINE-X is a premier bedliner brand, in business for over 25 years, which led to a reputation as the best bedliner in the business. During that time, hundreds of thousands of truck owners have chosen a LINE-X bedliner and demonstrated why they are so critical to the longevity of a truck bed. 

The average truck owner typically uses their vehicle for either work or casual and recreational purposes. It's what trucks are for after all. Work truck owners expect superior performance under tough conditions and deliver punishing abuse to a truck bed throughout the workday. 

The causal truck owner also wants top performance, but with an assurance that a bedliner will help preserve value and look great for the life of the truck. And with many of today’s ultra-premium and high-performance trucks ranging from $40,000 to over six figures, the decision to protect is easy and in most cases, costs about the same as one truck payment. That’s a pretty small investment for a lifetime of protection. 

What to Consider When Purchasing a New Truck 


  • Truck beds take abuse and unprotected beds get scratched, dented, chipped or faded causing rust and corrosion
  • Truck bed materials don’t matter - rolled steel, aluminum, and composite all take a beating and will show signs of wear after the very first use
  • Do-it-yourself bed liner products cannot match the same level of durability and aesthetics as a spray-on liner
  • Drop-in bedliners cause more problems than they solve – they scratch the bed while trapping debris and moisture which helps promote corrosion
  • Factory-applied and other spray-on bedliners offer basic protection but can deteriorate and fade quickly

Beat up red Ford truck bed


  • LINE-X bedliners provide superior protection against scratches, dents, abrasions, and other physical hazards while preventing leaks, rust, and corrosion
  • LINE-X bedliners are made from a scientifically-advanced compound that is VOC-free and resists stains from harsh chemicals 
  • LINE-X bedliners form a permanent, mechanical bond to the truck bed and are guaranteed for life against cracking, bubbling or flaking
  • LINE-X PREMIUM and PLATINUM  bedliners are UV stable to protect against fading
  • LINE-X XTRA is a proprietary color bedliner that can be matched to automotive metallic paint codes 
  • LINE-X bedliners can be used with nearly all bed storage systems, tool boxes, tonneau covers, 5th wheels, and camper shells

With everything considered, the choice is clear – a LINE-X bedliner should be a truck owner’s first aftermarket upgrade. By applying LINE-X to a new or used truck bed, truck owners instantly get the peace of mind and confidence needed to know their truck beds have the best protection available.

white Ford F-150 with LINE-X PREMIUM bed liner

LINE-X Has Choices - Five Products and Services to Meet Everyone’s Needs:

LINE-X STANDARD – Our proven formula offering durability, function, and peace of mind

Red truck with LINE-X Standard bedliner


LINE-X PREMIUM – Long-lasting protection, all the durability of STANDARD plus UV protection against fading

Grey truck with LINE-X  PREMIUM bedliner


LINE-X PLATINUM – Best gets better – 300% tougher than the industry standard with added UV protection

Heavy duty chains on LINE-X PLATINUM bedliner


LINE-X XTRA – Custom color or color-matched bedliner: durable, beautiful, blocks UV damage

Red truck with red color match LINE-X XTRA bedliner


LINE-X RENEW – LINE-X’s process to restore your old faded or scratched bed liner and make it look like new - can revive any type of spray-on bed liner material

LINE-X ReNew restores any faded or damaged spray-on bed liner

LINE-X has more than 520 locations throughout North America, making it easy to get the world-class protection your truck deserves from wherever you are. In addition to bedliners, LINE-X Franchises are also masters of aftermarket truck customization offering a full range of truck accessories including Truck Gear by LINE-X, an exclusive line of step bars, tonneau covers, floor liners, and lifestyle products. All this, plus stellar customer service make LINE-X the perfect one-stop-shop for your new truck needs. 

Don’t leave your new truck unprotected! Locate the LINE-X Franchise closest to you by clicking on Find a Location and entering your address, city, state or zip code. 

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