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The Floor Liners You Need For Dirty Boots and Tired Feet

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The Floor Liners You Need For Dirty Boots and Tired Feet

Many truck owners take pride in customizing their rigs. After all, it's how they show off their style and taste in truck accessories, right? Well, Truck Gear by LINE-X is all about making your truck as unique as you are so in addition to an awesome lineup of tonneau covers, step bars, and lifestyle accessories, the brand now has some of the best truck, Jeep and SUV floor liners on the market. Truck Gear by LINE-X has become a trusted name in truck accessories, so they recently decided to go back to the drawing board and redesign its original floor liner to develop a product that is even better at containing all the mud, dirt and spills that can ruin a vehicle’s interior, while still looking and feeling great on tired feet. 

Did somebody say performance?

How does Truck Gear achieve such incredible performance out of their Floor Liners? With many companies still making hard plastic floor liners that are rigid, often ill-fitting and can slide around your interior, Truck Gear Floor Liners made of a specially engineered rubberized plastic compound that provides a perfect balance between durability, comfort, and protection. While still incredibly tough, the material softer to the touch and much more comfortable on hands, feet and pet paws than alternative plastic liners. Aching feet now get a little relief on the way home from the worksite or a long day hiking.

In addition to the new compound, the new Floor Liners’ new design features a series of specially engineered, extra-deep channels designed to direct liquids and accidental spills away from passengers' feet and away from the vehicle’s precious interior components and carpet.

Great performance and protection, but how do they fit?

Another issue that often frustrates truck owners is the fit of their mats. Most that are designed for a specific vehicle fit OK, but not perfect. Luckily, that’s not a problem for the Truck Gear Floor Liners. The entire product line is year/make/model specific and the floor liners are laser measured to assure a perfect fit, the first time, every time. Whether you're a truck, Jeep or SUV owner, Truck Gear by LINE-X floor liners have your interior covered, allowing you to focus on working hard and having fun. 

And as a proud American company based in Huntsville, Ala., we are proud of the fact that every single Truck Gear Floor Liner is made in the U.S.A. and comes with an end-to-end lifetime warranty. That’s quality and workmanship you can trust. 

Key features of the Truck Gear by LINE-X floor liners include:

  • Extra-deep channel pattern provides a rugged appearance and protects shoes and pant legs from dirt, mud, snow, and water
  • High perimeter wall offers interior protection and ultimate containment ensuring carpet remains in pristine condition – increased coverage 
  • Rubberized plastic adds comfort and eliminates deformation in extreme temperatures
  • Precision contouring allows the liner to automatically seal itself to the carpet to prevent dirt and moisture from getting near interior surfaces
  • Front, rear and cargo liners available
  • Make/model-specific applications for most trucks, Jeeps & SUVs
  • Made in the United States
  • Built to last with a lifetime end-to-end warranty

Easy to Shop, Easy to Buy 

If you’ve followed us for a while, you know that Truck Gear by LINE-X is always adding new products to its lineup and those quality accessories can be seen on www.TruckGear.com

When it comes right down to it, LINE-X Bedliners and Truck Gear by LINE-X accessories should be your first choices when tackling a customization project with any new or used truck. For more than 26 years, LINE-X has been a part of thousands of custom truck projects and more.