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Case Study: How LINE-X keeps refrigerated vans running cooler, longer

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Case Study: How LINE-X keeps refrigerated vans running cooler, longer

Companies around the world rely on refrigerated vans to get their food goods transported from the manufacturing facility to their final destination. Most of these vans are stripped down utility vehicles with little to no insulation.

In areas with hot climates, such as summers in Monterrey, Mexico, refrigeration units are frequently overworked and unable to keep the products inside at the desired temperature. These customers need some kind of insulation to help reduce the heat inside the vans.

LINE-X XS-100 polyurea/polyurethane hybrid spray-on formula was chosen as it has proved extremely durable and versatile throughout a variety of applications.

To start, all rubber seals and doors were removed from the van. All areas not receiving the coating were masked off to minimize overspray. The metal surfaces of the van were then prepared (per manufacturer specs) for spray foam insulation. After the foam was sprayed and cured, the area was sanded in order to achieve a smooth and level surface. LINE-X was pigmented white for a clean look, and then applied at a minimum of 125 mils on the floor and 80 mils on the walls, completely sealing and protecting the interior cargo area. Once cured, a LINE-X Premium topcoat was applied to create an easy to clean, UV protected finished surface. Working with two technicians, the entire process was completed in two days.

The combination of spray foam insulation and LINE-X XS-100 protective coating, proved to be the perfect solution and exceeded customer expectations. The refrigeration unit now runs less frequently, conserving more fuel and ultimately prolonging the life of the unit. Upon completion, and seeing how well the LINE-X application performed, the customer sent an additional 12 vans to be up-fitted with the same solution.