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Case Study: Wastewater Tank Lining

Czech Republic Tank Complete

Case Study: Wastewater Tank Lining


Outdoor and underground storage tanks are subject to corrosion and abrasion at the hands of chemicals, extreme temperatures, and normal wear-and-tear. These factors can - and do - lead to harmful and expensive leaks and spills.

For a local chemical factory located in the Czech Republic, the threat of leaks and spills is unacceptable. They needed a permanent waterproofing solution for their existing concrete tanks that would meet the local environmental protection regulations and prevent contamination.

Applying a durable waterproof coating meant retrofitting the existing underground tanks in the field. Hazardous chemicals and extreme weather conditions had weakened the integrity of the concrete tanks.


The answer to restoring and waterproofing the tank was LINE-X. Spray-on polyurea primary and secondary tank coatings prevent corrosion - even from harsh chemicals. The first step of the application was to clean the existing tanks. Crews power washed the entire surface, then sandblasted it to create a surface profile for maximum adhesion. The crew also repaired cracks and removed any loose particles from inside the tank.

The clean tank received a LINE-X approved concrete primer, followed by a coating of LINE-X XS-101 EU with a light grey pigment. Applicators sprayed the LINE-X coating to a thickness of 78 mils or ~2mm.

After the application, tanks cured for 48 hours and tested for leaking. The coating passed all tests. Each concrete tank took three days to retrofit.


LINE-X was applied to a total area of approximately 450 square meters or 4,843 square feet.

Durable and fast-curing, LINE-X polyurea is efficient to apply, requiring limited downtime, and will keep the tanks leak-free and the environment safe. Pleased with the new life of their storage tanks, the chemical company is considering LINE-X as waterproofing solution for future projects.

LINE-X XS-101 is an EU-approved building material for waterproofing concrete surfaces (EN 1504-2:2004 – surface protection systems for concrete). Contractors and construction companies throughout Europe can trust that LINE-X XS-101 EU is a world-class waterproofing product that not only provides superior protection from the elements but also meets very strict European building product standards.

EN 1504-2:2004 - Waterproofing Concrete Surfaces

To learn about more LINE-X applications from around the world, check out LINEX.EU.COM. 

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