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Helping a Groomer Keep Its Clients Happy

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Helping a Groomer Keep Its Clients Happy

Most truck owners and automotive enthusiasts already know LINE-X works extensively in the automotive space with the industry’s best bedliners and exterior vehicle coatings, as well as several solutions for a variety of household and industrial uses; and it certainly doesn’t end there. What many may not know is that LINE-X protective coatings have many more uses. The brand has been going beyond the bedliner for decades and its fans love touting [in theory] "you can LINE-X just about anything." 

With this in mind, sometimes it takes a little out-of-the-box thinking to solve some problems. When groomers at Fido’s Paws were struggling to keep pets on their grooming tables, they needed a way to keep pets from sliding around the slick, stainless-steel tables. After researching several different non-skid surface options, they contacted a local LINE-X Franchise. Two businesses quickly teamed-up and figured out a low-cost and permanent solution to the slippery grooming table problem – spray the surface with a LINE-X protective coating. 

The grooming tables at Fido’s Paws are made of stainless steel. When washing and grooming pets of all different sizes, the tables can become quite slippery and there is a risk of injury to the animals. The smooth surface increases stress on the animal which can amplify undesirable and aggressive behavior. As a result, groomers operate at an increased risk as they must constantly react to an animal's anxious behavior while also grooming.

Before choosing LINE-X, Fido’s Paws looked at more common household solutions, like mats. However, Fido’s Paws determined that mats were not only prone to moving and bunching up but also wear out over time and are difficult to clean. Furthermore, the mats needed to be non-toxic and washable for the health of the animals. With all these issues combined, it’s clear to see Fido’s Paws needed a more durable, permanent, and easy to clean solution to keeping its furry clients happy and healthy. 


LINE-X protective coatings can be sprayed on just about anything that needs protection, even if it’s not an automotive product. When Fido’s Paws contacted LINE-X and described their situation, they immediately knew that a quality protective coating was the solution they were looking for. Besides, who wouldn’t want to help keep man’s best friend safe and happy, while also protecting the groomers who work to keep furry family members looking their best?

After breaking down each table, LINE-X carefully prepared each table to ensure it was ready for a protective coating application:  

  • Each table was carefully sandblasted to create tiny indentations, allowing LINE-X to better adhere to the stainless-steel surface. 
  • After sandblasting, each table was primed with LINE-X SF-515.
  • Once the primer was cured, tables were then coated with LINE-X XS-100 at approximately 50-70 mils thick.
  • The last step was to apply an additional LINE-X topcoat which helps make the tabletops easier to clean and maintain.

LINE-X provided an excellent non-slip surface that permanently bonded to the grooming table, significantly reducing the risk of injury to all parties. Groomers avoid the hassle of dealing with dangerously slick tables or rubber mats bunching up or sliding around during their work. As an added benefit, LINE-X is non-toxic and easy to sanitize which reduces the risk of illness for animals.

Fido’s Paws has found value in making an investment that protects its employees and the animals, thanks to a durable, long-lasting protective solution that requires less maintenance. 

Don’t risk the health of your business and its clients! LINE-X has more than 550 locations throughout North America, making it easy to get world-class protection for your truck or unique project. To locate the nearest franchise, visit the Find a Location section of LINE-X’s website and enter an address, city, state or zip code.