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Save That Old Beat-up Truck with LINE-X

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Save That Old Beat-up Truck with LINE-X

Who doesn’t love seeing a classic truck on the road? If you’ve just picked up an old beat-up truck to restore or found something still in great shape, do what you can to protect it for the next 100,000 miles.

LINE-X® bedliner is used for trucks of all ages, even if you’re dealing with a rusty truck bed.

The Best Bedliner for Used Trucks

Spray-on bedliners are perfect for rusty, dented, or scratched truck beds. Drop-in liners might cover up a rusty truck bed, but they may also make them worse:

  • Drop-in liners can trap water and moisture, leading to more rust.
  • Drop-in liners can move and shift in the bed, which can make existing scratches worse.
  • Drop-in liners are prone to cracking and warping, which often leaves sections of the bed exposed to the elements.

We meet plenty of customers who are dealing with rusty truck beds from using drop-in liners. That’s why 50% of drivers with drop-in liners switch to spray-on bedliners.

See how spray-on bedliners and drop-in liners stack up.

Is Spraying a Rusty Truck Bed with Liner a Good Idea?

It’s a great idea – if it’s done right. Restoring an old truck bed with LINE-X ensures protection from further corrosion, dents, and scratches no matter how hard your old pick-up is put to work. The key is the in-depth preparation process.

Our technicians will sand and prep your truck bed to ensure strong adhesion between the truck bed surface and your chosen LINE-X bedliner coating.

Make Your Truck Restoration Project Unforgettable

Some of our favorite customer stories come from vintage truck restoration projects. LINE-X fan and Diesel Power Editor-in-Chief KC Jones is a great example; his 1996 F-350 Dually was a from-the-ground-up project finished with all the best parts, including a LINE-X bedliner. The result? You just need to see it.

A Labor of Love

If old truck restoration is your weekend project, contact your local LINE-X for more unique ways to protect your old pickup. From full exterior protection to a range of durable, functional accessories, don’t settle for good enough. Get your used truck set up exactly how you want it and keep it on the road for the long haul. Request a quote or get in touch with us today.