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Your local LINE-X store is open for business! Each store is closely adhering to CDC guidelines for safety. Please call your local LINE-X store for details.

Your local LINE-X store is open for business! Each store is closely adhering to CDC guidelines for safety. Please call your local LINE-X store for details.

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Problems with Spray-on Bedliners

Problems with Spray-on Bedliners

Truck owners love the freedom of a bed to transport and store goods. For this reason, we created our spray-on bedliners to protect your truck bed while helping safeguard your gear. 

Just like in any market – not all products are made the same. This is especially true for spay-on bedliners. 

Every manufacturer has different quality standards and offers various warranties for their products. Some companies, like LINE-X, continue to invest in research and development to create the best product possible. Others are satisfied selling the same product that underdelivers.

While we can’t speak for other companies, we can speak for ours. LINE-X Bedliners come with a lifetime warranty, so you can rest assured we only sell high-quality products built to last. 

Over the years, we’ve heard from people who had bad experiences with DIY bedliner kits.

Here are a few of the most common problems people encounter:

  • The color fades after a year or two as the product can’t withstand the sun, weather, and use.
  • Difficult to clean due to the rough and gritty surface. 
  • The bedliner  peels, cracks, or bubbles after a few weeks.
  • Poor installation or prep work results in uneven areas and insufficient coverage (especially with DIY kits).
  • If water gets under the peeling bed liner, it can cause rust to build up.

Let’s Compare Spray-on Bedliners

While DIY kits may be a cheaper option, many of the problems people encounter with spray-on bedliners result from poor prep work and installation. Or the product was less than stellar. 

Most DIY bedliners are applied with a brush, roller, or a spray can. While there isn’t anything inherently wrong with these application methods, they leave a lot of room for error – it’s difficult to get a perfectly uniform thickness across the entire application surface and one kit doesn’t typically supply enough material for a thick application. 

LINE-X bedliners are applied at 125 mils (thousandths of an inch) while DIY kits usually end up about 30 mils or 4x thinner. Since DIY bedliner kits take several hours to dry and require up to four coats for long lasting durability they can take several days to properly apply. Also, spray tips can easily clog, and these products can run or pool while they dry. In addition, you’ll need ideal temperature and weather conditions if you’re doing this in your driveway or garage. 

DIY bedliners may seem more cost-effective, but considering the tools you need to invest in (sanding pads, orbital sanders, degreaser, primers etc…) and the time it takes you, it makes more sense to let the experts take care of the entire process for you – giving you a high-quality result with a lifetime warranty. 

Remember, if something goes wrong with your DIY installation, you’re responsible for repairing the damage and doing the work done all over again.

LINE-X is the solution!

LINE-X is the market leader in spray-on bedliners, and we are dedicated to developing the best products on the market. Trust our professionals to properly install your best-in-market bedliner. In the unlikely event you experience a problem down the road, know that LINE-X is backed by our lifetime warranty.  

Here’s the LINE-X Difference 

Without experience and the right tools, doing a bedliner yourself is difficult. If you fail to prepare the surface correctly, you’ll end up with a peeling bedliner in a few months. Even worse, water might become trapped under the peeling bedliner layer resulting in a rusty pickup bed.

Every LINE-X spray technician is trained and certified to install bedliners. When you drop off your truck, we begin with an initial cleaning of the truck bed with special degreasers and heavy duty cleaning chemicals to remove any oil, paint or residue. The following prep steps are critical to every installation and often the most difficult part about installing a bedliner. This part is also the most labor-intensive, which is why many DIY kits fail.

Once the truck bed is clean your bedliner technician will continue with the following steps:

  1. For proper bedliner adhesion, your bed needs to be scuffed. It takes commitment, elbow grease, and the proper tools to do a great job. 
  2. Once the bed is scuffed, we’ll take time to repair rust, patch holes, and remove flaking or peeling paint.
  3. Next, the truck bed has to be cleaned again of all dust, grease, and grime. 
  4. Finally, we’ll mask off the entire truck to prevent overspray with a combination of masking tape, wire tape (to confirm straight lines), blocking paper, and masking film. 
    1. We’ll remove bed rail caps, fender flairs, and any other plastic accessories so the metal under them is coated and then re-install them.
  5. Unlike DIY bedliners, LINE-X’s two-part polyurethane elastomer system is applied at high pressure and high temperature. 
    1. Each part of our proprietary blend is mixed at the tip of the spray gun just before it’s applied. Since our bedliner dries in a few seconds, you won’t have the runs, drips, smudges, or pooling that’s common with products that go on cold and take hours to dry.

Whether it’s a truck bed, rocker panels, or your entire rig, we follow the same through prep for every LINE-X application to ensure your liner lasts a lifetime. The best part? You won’t be without your rig for a few days. Most LINE-X dealers will have your truck back to you on same day you dropped it off, though we recommend a full 24-hour cure time before you start loading items in the bed. 

Find Your Local LINE-X Dealer

Interested in professional spray-on bedliner installation? Save yourself the time and frustration and contact your local LINE-X dealer to get a quote or schedule an installation. While you’re there, ask about our truck accessories such as step rails, toppers, and tonneau covers to make your truck transformation complete.