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Problems with Spray-On Bedliners (And What We Do Differently)

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Problems with Spray-On Bedliners (And What We Do Differently)

Truck owners love the freedom of a bed to transport and store all kinds of cargo. For more than three decades, LINE-X’s range of spray-on bedliners has protected truck beds from the daily grind, no matter what.

Like any industry, not all products are made to the same quality or exacting standards. Not all spray-on bedliners are created equal and that’s why some truck owners are leery of installing this type of protective coating. Learn the specific risks and potential problems with DIY spray-in bedliner applications.

Do-It-Yourself Bedliner vs. Professional Application

Comparing “DIY” to “doing it right” sheds light on the drawbacks of inexpensive spray can applications. We’ve put together several of the critiques we’ve heard about spray-on bedliners kits and why LINE-X is different.

“The color fades after a year or two of sun, weather or heavy use.”

Most DIY bedliner sprays aren’t UV-resistant and can fade in a year or two – or sooner. LINE-X bedliners won’t fade in the sun or change colors.

“Spray-in bedliners are difficult to clean because they’re rough and textured.”

Cleaning spray-on bedliners is really easy. We recommend using soap, water, and a bristle brush. If you work with corrosive chemicals or materials, be sure to clean your bedliner after any spills or prolonged exposure. Make cleaning your bedliner a part of your general truck maintenance.

“Spray-in bedliners peel or bubble after a few weeks.”

Not LINE-X. Our rigorous preparation and application process and innovative materials ensure years of durability. That’s why we offer a limited lifetime warranty – for as long as you own your truck, we’ve got your back. We can even repair old, faded, or gouged spray-on truck bedliners with LINE-X ReNew.

“Poor installation causes uneven surfaces or thin spots.”

DIY spray bedliner kits usually recommend or come with brushes, rollers or a spray can. These application methods can work, but they make it exceedingly difficult to apply the coating evenly across all surfaces and edges. This can result in thin spots that are more prone to scratches, leaving your truck bed unprotected. Since DIY bedliners often take hours to apply and several more hours to dry, it can take days to apply a second or third coat.

LINE-X bedliners are always sprayed to a standard thickness to deliver a reliable product every time. Your bed will also be at least 80% cured before you pick up your truck and 100% dry within 24 hours. 

“If water penetrates a peeling bedliner, it can cause rust and corrosion.”

This is true and is often the result of poor preparation and thin application. It’s tough to apply spray-on bedliner kits evenly in your driveway or garage, making it nearly impossible to reduce thin spots or miss small areas of your truck bed that can lead to corrosion.

LINE-X’s meticulous process eliminates the risk of thin spots or missed spots. You won’t have to worry about rust in your truck bed!

Trust the LINE-X Process

Every LINE-X spray technician is trained and certified to install bedliners. We have the tools, the materials, the facilities, and the experience to install a long-lasting bedliner that’s tough enough for the road ahead.

The following prep steps are critical to every installation and often the most difficult part about installing a bedliner. The process is time and labor-intensive, which is why many DIY kits fail.

Once the truck bed is professionally cleaned, your bedliner technician will follow these steps:

  1. For proper bedliner adhesion, your bed needs to be scuffed. It takes commitment, elbow grease, and the proper tools to do a great job.
  2. Once the bed is scuffed, we’ll take time to repair rust, patch holes, and remove flaking or peeling paint.
  3. Next, the truck bed is cleaned a second time to remove dust, grease, and grime. 
  4. Finally, we’ll mask off the entire truck to prevent overspray with a combination of masking tape, wire tape (to confirm straight lines), blocking paper, and masking film. 
  5. Unlike DIY bedliners, LINE-X’s two-part polyurethane elastomer system is applied at high pressure and high temperature.
    1. Each part of our proprietary blend is mixed at the tip of the spray gun just before it’s applied. Since our bedliner starts to dry in a few seconds, you won’t have the runs, drips, smudges, or pooling that’s common with products that go on cold and take hours to dry.

Obsessive Attention to Detail, Every Time

Whether it’s a truck bed, rocker panels, or your entire rig, we follow the same thorough prep for every LINE-X application to ensure your liner lasts a lifetime. The best part? You won’t be without your rig for a few days. Most LINE-X dealers will have your truck back to you the same day you dropped it off, though we recommend a full 24-hour cure time before you start loading items in the bed. 

Don’t DIY When the Job Is This Important 

Protect your truck bed – and your investment – with professional spray-on bedliner applications from the very best. We offer a range of options, from tried-and-true Standard to custom colors. There’s a LINE-X location near you ready to do the job right. Request a quote today to get rolling.