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Do Tonneau Covers Help Fuel Economy?

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Do Tonneau Covers Help Fuel Economy?

Truck owners love their trucks. Yet, if there’s a common complaint about them, it’s gas mileage. But what if you could improve your truck’s gas mileage while keeping the items in your truck bed secure, clean, and dry? Meet the tonneau cover.

But do tonneau coves really save you gas?

Yes, tonneau covers can improve your truck’s gas mileage. Keep reading to learn how tonneau covers save gas, and get other tips for improving your pickup truck’s fuel economy from the experts at LINE-X®.

How Do Tonneau Covers Improve Gas Mileage?

Without a tonneau cover, your truck bed acts like a bucket catching air that passes over it as you drive. This drag makes your engine work just a little bit harder. Tonneau covers improve your gas mileage by sealing your pickup truck bed from this airflow, which improves the aerodynamics.

Savings will be modest and will vary depending on the type of truck, tonneau cover, and driving habits. 

Better MPGs shouldn’t be the only reason to buy a tonneau cover, however.

Beyond better fuel economy, tonneau covers from LINE-X provide safe, secure, and weathertight storage. All our tonneau covers carry a lifetime warranty and are backed by years of research to give you a product that looks great, performs well, and look factory fit.

Truck toppers, like tonneau covers, also improve the aerodynamics of your truck. If you need more storage than a tonneau cover can provide, check out our pickup truck toppers. Just like all of our Truck Gear accessories, LINE-X truck toppers are built to last and carry a lifetime warranty.

Quick Tips to Improve Fuel Economy

Tonneau covers may improve your gas mileage, but the savings will probably not be eye-popping. Use these other tips to compound your savings at the pump:

  • Keep your tires inflated to the correct pressure.
  • Keep your air filter clean.
  • Don’t use cruise control.
  • Keep your truck in good alignment.
  • Take it easy! Relaxed driving habits can significantly improve your truck’s fuel efficiency.


Find LINE-X Tonneau Covers Near You

Save fuel and keep your gear safe and dry with a tonneau cover. Our tonneau covers, whether folding, rigid, or soft, provide you with a variety of options for different budgets and needs. Contact your local LINE-X dealer to make an appointment. You can also request a quote online.