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The 5 Overland Truck Accessories You Actually Need

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The 5 Overland Truck Accessories You Actually Need

From refrigerators to solar panels, outfitting your truck for overlanding can quickly become a tug-of-war between your truck’s payload and your wallet. While it might be tempting to bolt just about every accessory onto your truck, we recommend prioritizing your needs over your wants and going from there.

Need a hand? The experts at LINE-X® have put together this list of five practical things you need for your overland rig, including truck bed accessories that’ll make your life a lot easier.

The Best Truck Upgrades for Overlanding

The market is flooded with brilliant overland truck accessories. While these innovative items add to your truck’s safety, comfort, and capabilities – and often look cool too – they can also add a lot of weight. Food, fuel, water, and gear weight adds up quickly in camping rigs.

Before you start outfitting, find out the payload limit of your truck and make sure you don’t exceed it. (The weight of occupants also counts against your payload.)

The five accessories below are a perfect start to outfitting your adventure rig, and will keep added weight to a minimum:

  1. Jump Starter & Power Bank
    It’s all fun and games until you have a dead battery in the middle of nowhere. Without a spare vehicle to provide a jump start, this situation can quickly turn into a bad scenario.

    LINE-X’s Portable Jumper Starter & Power Bank prevents this problem altogether by providing 600 amps of portable power to jump-start your rig. It also doubles as a charging device for all of your USB-powered devices when you’re off the grid.
  2. Trail Jack
    Trail jacks, also known as Hi-Lift jacks, are the multi-tool every truck owner needs. They allow you to jack up your truck on uneven terrain to swap a tire, and can be used to winch, pry, or pull just about anything. They are also very valuable for vehicle recoveries.

    With that said, these tools can also be dangerous if they are not used correctly, so always get proper training before you hit the trail. Sorry, YouTube videos don’t count.
  3. Cooler
    Portable refrigerators are really nice, but they’re expensive and require solar panels, batteries, and charging systems. A cooler keeps things simple; it’s light, portable, it won’t have a mechanical failure, and it doesn’t demand all the real estate on your roof (solar panels) to stay cool.

    LINE-X’s Expedition A/T cooler provides plenty of space, and in a rugged and portable package. Rubberized tires and telescoping handle make it easy to haul on uneven ground. Why does this matter? Because cold beer tastes better in places that are hardest to get to.
  4. Truck Topper
    One thing is certain when you’re overlanding – you can’t depend on the weather. Keep your gear safe, secure, dry, and organized under a LINE-X pickup truck topper.

  5. A truck bed topper also provides a platform to install a roof rack, solar panels, spare fuel cans, and recovery gear.

    Finally, a truck topper also doubles as an on-the-go shelter for when the wind is howling, you’re traveling light, or you’re camped in a mud pit. (Who wants to pitch a tent in a mud pit?)
  6. Air-Down Tool / Portable Air Compressor
    An air-down tool allows you to quickly deflate your tires when the road gets rough. Airing down your tires without this tool can take upwards of 20 minutes while you crouch beside the road. Reducing your tire pressure is one of the easiest (and cheapest) ways to improve traction and ride quality on rough, washboard, muddy, and sandy trails. (Just make sure you also have a portable air compressor to air the tires back up once you’re on pavement.)


Truck Accessories Near Me

Outfit your rig first with practical accessories that protect your truck, keep you safe, and make the overland experience more enjoyable. Once you’re ready to explore some remote two tracks, your local LINE-X dealer can help!

LINE-X is a one-stop-shop for overland accessories. You’ll find everything from exterior lighting, lift kits, wheels, tires and more at your local store. Request a quote online for truck accessories you can count on.