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Fireproof Cooler? LINE-X Cooler Withstands Truck Bed Blaze

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Fireproof Cooler? LINE-X Cooler Withstands Truck Bed Blaze

CALIFORNIA – A fiery incident in the back of a truck bed is further proof that the Expedition Cooler is the toughest cooler under the blistering desert sun.

The team at Off-Road Assassin was caravanning back to Palm Springs from a race in Lucerne Valley when a pit crew member saw embers and smoke jumping out of the truck bed. He pulled over and extinguished the flames. Everything in the truck bed – chairs, canopy, gear and an Expedition Cooler – was charred to a crisp. 

After the truck finally made it back to the shop, the team examined the damage. Curious (and also thirsty), Steven Olsewski grabbed a hammer and chisel. With determination, he cracked the lid off the badly damaged cooler.

“To everyone’s amazement, the contents of the cooler inside were still ok, cold, and still had a couple of pieces of ice. If you had told me that the cooler would go through a fire and then still have ice in it, I would have told you that you were crazy,” according to his account of the fire-proof cooler.

(Credit: Steven Olsewski)

Cheers to that!

The Expedition Cooler is one star in LINE-X’s lineup of rugged truck gear. The cooler comes in 20 qt, 45 qt, 75 qt, and 110 qt sizes. It features a thick walled, roto-molded design for extreme durability. The cooler was engineered to withstand serious abuse on hunting, fishing, camping and off-roading trips. Thanks goes out to the Off-Road Assassin team for confirming that. And we’re certainly glad nobody was injured!

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