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How Much Does Window Tinting Cost for a Truck?

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How Much Does Window Tinting Cost for a Truck?

It depends. Since there are different types of window tinting options, a free quote from your local LINE-X® dealer will provide the most accurate answer. But generally, you can expect to spend about $200 to $600  to tint your truck. There are a few variables that affect the cost, which we outline below …

Getting Your Trucks Windows Tinted

When you visit a LINE-X dealer they’ll provide a custom quote, which will take into account the different factors including:

›           The size of the windows

›           The number of windows

›           The type of window tint

Your local dealer will measure your windows and ask about the kind of performance you’re looking for in your window tint. Windows tints vary based on material, cost, performance and more.  Do you simply want a darker look? Or, do you want maximum protection from heat and UV rays? Your local dealer can help you make a decision. No matter what tint you choose, all LINE-X dealers use the highest quality 3M window tinting materials to ensure durability and longevity.

Learn more about the different types of window tints below:

›           Dyed Tint: The least expensive type of window tint, dyed tint is not very durable and doesn’t provide a lot of heat or UV protection.

›           Metalized Tint: It won’t fade but has a shiny appearance and can interfere with radio and cell signals.

›           Hybrid Tint: This tint has the benefits of both tints above but with a higher price tag.

›           Ceramic Tint: This window tint has the most UV and heat protection but it comes at a cost.


Is Window Tinting Legal?

Each state has different laws regarding how dark your window tint can be. This is good reason why it’s best to avoid DIY window tinting since it’s too easy to install a tint that’s illegal, or even on the wrong window. (A traffic ticket for a tint that’s too dark or on the wrong window will offset any DIY cost savings.) 

Some states allow tint on the passenger and driver windows, but others do not. This is another reason why it’s difficult to provide an accurate window-tinting estimate online. But don’t worry, your local LINE-X dealer will only install window tints that comply with local laws.

Your Local Window Tinting Experts

Window tints look great and protect your truck’s interior from the UV radiation that fades your truck’s upholstery and degrade its plastics over time. Window tints also help keep your cab cool and add another level of security since they strengthen your windows and the dark tint prevents prying eyes.

Protect your truck and everything in it with help from your local LINE-X dealer. While you’re there check out our Truck Gear products to equip your rig for your next adventure.