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How to Stop Groceries from Rolling Around Your Truck Bed

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How to Stop Groceries from Rolling Around Your Truck Bed

Truck bed accessories offer a lot of solutions that help drivers get everything they need transported. Then why is getting a bag of groceries home tougher than moving a few hundred pounds of topsoil?

A quick look around the parking lot at your local grocery store should be all the proof you need that pick-ups are a favorite for drivers in the US. Trucks and SUVs account for more than 16.4% of all vehicle sales, with the top selling model, the Ford F-Series, moving over 200,000 trucks in the first quarter of 2021.

But how do all those drivers transport light, loose goods that spill easily? Here’s how.

DIY Truck Bed Grocery Holder

There are a lot of creative ways to make your own organization system. We’ve put some of the best ideas together below.

Wood Plank. Many trucks have a slot or flat spot for a 2x4 to sit flush against the top of wheel well.

Old Tire. Put an old tire near the cab. Put your groceries in the middle of the tire; that should keep them from moving around.

Spreader Bar. Use a spring-loaded or ratchet-style spreader bar to create something to lean your groceries against. These are easy to take out and lay flat if you end up needing all your bed for anything, plus it takes just seconds to adjust them to fit more or less stuff in the truck bed.

More Options to Keep Your Food Secure

Start with a bed surface that offers some traction. Bare beds are slippery, and not just for your paper bags. Unfinished truck bed scratch easily and are then exposed to chemicals, moisture, and pollutants that cause premature aging and rust. A truck bed liner from LINE-X® provides a grippy, almost rubbery surface that keeps groceries and smaller items from sliding around.

Get A Truck Bed Cover. Air flow blows truck bed items around. Installing a cover protects groceries and goods from wind. Also known as tonneau covers, there are a variety of styles that make accessing your bed easy and convenient. Different styles also offer different levels of weather protection.

Use A Cooler. Most coolers are heavy enough to stay put, even on the highway. That’s especially true if they’re loaded down with a week’s worth of groceries. Invest in a heavy-duty cooler for transporting groceries, with the added benefit of keeping cold foods chilly until you can get them in the fridge. Keep them in your truck bed for small bags or other loose items, too. Consider using a pad lock and chain or a simple bike lock to keep them secure. Check out our 45 QT and 60 QT sized Expedition A/T coolers at our online store.

Truck bed grocery organizers are a big part of making your truck as versatile as possible. To leave plenty of room in the cab for kids or cargo, check out some of our solutions for a tidy truck bed, or make your own with a few easy options.

Outfit Your Truck with Help from LINE-X

There is no denying that trucks are the most versatile vehicle on the road. With the proper LINE-X accessories, and maybe a few of your own design, you will be able to haul hundreds of pounds just as easily as that rotisserie chicken that’s on the family’s dinner menu tonight.

Protect your truck and everything in it with help from the experts at your local LINE-X dealer. While you’re there check out our Truck Gear products to equip your rig for your next adventure.