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Can You LINE-X Plastic Fenders?

Ouw Linex Plasticfenders

Can You LINE-X Plastic Fenders?

Yes, and Here’s Why You Should

LINE-X® can protect every part of your vehicle from any number of things. We get questions about what materials our coatings can protect and where that protection is the most beneficial.

LINE-X on Fenders

Many gearheads have discovered the benefits of using LINE-X coatings to line more than their truck beds. You can use LINE-X on other parts of your vehicle, including plastic fenders, to protect against rust, dents, and scrapes.

Off-roaders have learned how important it is to coat those exposed areas of a vehicle that often encounter canyon walls, low branches, and tall brush. Many Jeep models, like the ever-popular Wrangler and the JT, offer removable plastic fenders that are easy to clean. That also makes them convenient to pop off and drop off for your local LINEX shop to add a protective, long-lasting coating.

LINE-X Solutions for All Vehicles  

Drivers looking to bring more protection to every inch of their car have already discovered LINE-X ULTRA. This proprietary material can be sprayed much thinner than other standard coatings, which makes it a great solution for tight spaces and small areas. That thinner coating is also much lighter, which is one reason it is used in body armor.


  • Automotive door jambs
  • Tailgates
  • Side-by-sides
  • ATVs
  • Adding a smooth protective contrasted finish
  • Side panels
  • Removable fender flares

We have options to coat a lot more than cars, too. Learn more about implementing LINE-X to protect everything you care about.

Protection You Need with Help From LINE-X

From the hazards of off-road adventuring to the careless stray shopping cart at the grocery store, you need to keep your vehicle protected. Go beyond the truck bed and explore LINE-X options with help from your local LINE-X location.