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UTV Protection: Truck Bed Toughness for Your Utility Vehicle


UTV Protection: Truck Bed Toughness for Your Utility Vehicle

Truck owners have trusted LINE-X to protect their truck beds for decades against the cargo they need to get things done and play as hard as they work. These same customers have brought home UTVs as capable tools to work and explore their own back 40. Utility vehicles are available in a wide variety of configurations, passenger capacity, and powertrain options, but they share one common trait: they all take their fair share of abuse.

The Perfect UTV Protective Coating

The best protection for UTV cargo boxes, fenders, roll cages, and other high-risk areas is LINE-X. Our coatings have been engineered to handle the wear and tear of working pickups and countless industrial applications. This makes LINE-X’s do-it-all XS-100 an excellent protective coating for your utility vehicle.

XS-100 is designed to provide unrivaled protection against the scratches, impact, and general wear of common UTV payloads, including:

  • Aggregate
  • Mulch
  • Wood
  • Rocks
  • Soil
  • Yard equipment and tools

Do UTVs Need More Protection?

New utility vehicles are coated with some of the most durable paint and powder coating available. Unfortunately, that may not be enough. Both paint and powder coating are more likely to scratch or dent than LINE-X, showing signs of wear and risking long-term structural issues like corrosion or rust. Over time, these scratches and dents lower the resale value of your UTV and shorten its useful life.

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Utility Vehicle Protection for Whatever Moves You

No matter the make or model, UTV owners can protect their investment with LINE-X. UTV cargo boxes face nearly identical uses as pickup truck beds, making LINE-X the best choice for durable cargo liners. For UTV owners, added protection is a must – very few UTVs come with any kind of cargo box protection.

The Process

Adding LINE-X protection to your UTV gets the same detail-oriented preparation and application process that we use with truck bedliners or any project. Here’s how it works:

  1. To kick off the coating process, LINE-X removes the entire cargo bed from the UTV. Then, we prep the surface with a dual-action sander to scuff the factory cargo bed paint, creating a better adhesion-promoting surface. Using wire-trim tape, masking tape, and paper, LINE-X applicators cover everything that doesn’t need to be coated to create a clean and precise finished application
  2. LINE-X’s high-pressure, high-temperature coating system sprays LINE-X XS-100 on the deck and walls of the UTV cargo bed. Our protective coatings are always sprayed to a standard thickness to deliver a reliable product every time. Any one of our more than 500 locations in North America has the same tools and the same standards.

Why LINE-X XS-100?

The results speak for themselves. LINE-X XS-100 has been proven time and time again to be an ideal solution for those looking to prolong the life expectancy of any product. In addition to a much longer life cycle for the UTV cargo bed, LINE-X helps decrease part failures under heavy loads, saving the UTV owner money in the long run.

LINE-X Protects What Matters Most

Incorporating LINE-X coatings can reduce maintenance costs, prolong product life cycle, and increase the value of your UTV. For UTV owners looking to preserve the appearance of their UTV, LINE-X also offers color-match options that can recreate any custom color or automotive paint code. Additionally, LINE-X can be applied to many different surfaces of the UTV, including the roll cage, frame, undercarriage, and body panels, to provide added strength and durability.

See what LINE-X can do for your UTV. Contact a LINE-X location near you or request a quote to get started.