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Tonneau Cover Comparisons: How to Choose the Right Tonneau Cover

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Tonneau Cover Comparisons: How to Choose the Right Tonneau Cover

This article was updated May 19, 2023 with new information and LINE-X product links. 


Thinking about adding a new tonneau cover to your truck? There are several different options that you can choose from, and this guide will help you identify the type of tonneau cover that will best fit your needs.  

What Is A Tonneau Cover?

A tonneau cover is a hard or soft cover that covers the bed of your truck helping keep the contents out of sight, protecting them from weather, and adding style to your vehicle. There is also evidence that a tonneau cover can improve aerodynamics resulting in a potential increase in fuel mileage. Tonneau covers come in many different styles, and selecting one will be based on your specific needs.

LINE-X Tonneau Covers

Most Popular Types Of Tonneau Covers:

There are many types and styles of covers but these are the most common:

  • Snap-on covers
  • Soft roll-up covers
  • Hard roll-up covers
  • Soft folding covers
  • Hard folding covers
  • Retractable covers 
  • One-piece solid covers

Selecting The Best Tonneau Cover For You:

With so many types and styles of covers available on the market, you will want to answer the following questions to narrow your search:


How important is the security of the cargo in the truck bed?

  • Very Important: Hard cover materials required – Hard Folding, Retractable, One-Piece Solid, Going with a Topper instead.
  • Important: Hard Folding, Retractable, One-Piece Solid, Hard Roll-Up.
  • Not Important: Snap-On, Soft Roll-Up, Soft Folding

Key Considerations: Access to the cargo with the tailgate up or down, ability for cover to be locked with   tailgate up, what cargo will be hauled in the truck bed.  

Cargo Access: 

What cargo will be hauled in the truck bed and how much cargo space will need to be available without removing the cover?

  • Full Access Required: Snap-On, Soft Roll-Up, Some Hard or Soft Folding Models (Not all folding models can be driven while completely folded up.) 
  • Some Access Required: Hard and Soft Folding, Hard and Soft Roll-Up, Retractable, One-Piece Solid Cover (height of the cargo will be limited the most with this type of cover). 

Ease of Use: 

How often will the cover need to be opened, closed, and folded for bed access?

  • Very Often: Retractable, One-Piece Solid
  • Often: Hard and Soft Folding, Retractable, One-Piece Solid
  • Occasionally: Hard and Soft Folding, Hard and Soft Roll-Up, Retractable, One-Piece Solid 


Is your truck used for work, recreation, or both? Do you take the truck off-road and what type of of off-road driving is being done?

  • Rugged Use: Hard Folding, Retractable, One-Piece Solid
    • NOTE: Driving off-road will cause the truck bed to flex which will cause stress to the cover’s panels, seals, mounts, and clamps.  


How much are you looking to spend? 

Tonneau covers can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the model and features selected.

  • Most Expensive: Retractable
  • Lowest Cost: Snap-On or Soft-Roll Up


Are you looking for a clean sleek look or are you ok with seeing a cover above the railing?

 Retractable and Hard Folding covers often sit close to flush with the railing of the truck bed, while a Snap-On style will be visible above the rails.  


Do you want your tonneau cover to be covered under warranty?

LINE-X Tonneau Covers carry our Limited Lifetime End-To-End Warranty when installed at your local LINE-X location. Other tonneau cover brands warranties can vary, so be sure to review their policies before making a purchasing decision.  

Next Steps:

Once you have reviewed your needs and narrowed your search to one or two styles, you should request a quote from your local LINE-X who will be able to answer any remaining questions, confirm that your selection is the best to fit your needs and install your new tonneau cover.

You might be asking: Can I install a tonneau cover myself? 

While some covers come completely assembled and ready to mount to the truck bed and most come with all the necessary hardware to install yourself, only a professionally installed LINE-X tonneau cover installed at your local LINE-X will include the LINE-X Limited Lifetime End-to-End Warranty. This warranty not only covers the tonneau cover but also gives you access to warranty service at any LINE-X location across the country. 

Get To Know Our LINE-X Tonneau Covers:


With a compelling modern design, the LINE-X Stealth Hard Folding Tonneau Cover offers attractive styling with robust features that can handle everyday use. Flush mounted solid panels create an extremely low-profile design, barely visible above the truck bed. Covers are constructed of light weight, heavy-duty aluminum panels and equipped with a UV-resistant black matte finish that adds dent and scratch resistance. 

To maximize utility, the cover has three locking positions; each position allowing for third brake light visibility. Another innovative new feature, a dual action tailgate seal, gives you more functionality by enabling full operation of the tailgate regardless of cover position. If you’re looking for a durable matte finish cover that offers reliable truck bed security and a covertly low-profile design, the LINE-X Stealth Hard Folding Tonneau Cover if your best choice. 

LINE-X Stealth Hard-Folding Tonneau Cover


The LINE-X LXP Hard Folding Tonneau Cover safeguards your cargo with heavy-duty folding panels that are reinforced with a protective coating for extreme resistance to damage. The LXP Hard Folding Tonneau Cover is protected by a 100% UV-stable coating to maintain its color and luster over time. 

Boasting the highest level of durability available, the LXP cover is virtually impervious to dents, dings and scratches. The panels are flush mounted to create an extremely low-profile design. Rugged and highly functional, the cover can be used in multiple positions to accommodate cargo size. This cover pairs perfectly with a LINE-X spray-on bedliner for superior truck bed and cargo protection. 

LINE-X LXP Hard-Folding Tonneau Cover


The LINE-X Retractable RS Tonneau Cover allows for unique and personal customization above your tonneau cover. The Retractable RS rail system provides secure truck bed protection plus the strength to carry over 500lbs of outdoor gear, roof-top tents, coolers, bikes, storage baskets, carriers and more on top of the bed cover. The Retractable RS Tonneau Cover provides full access for any storage needs thanks to a unique spiral track-system which rolls fully into a 10” x 10” canister and prevents the cover from ever encountering itself as it retracts. 

LINE-X Retractable RS Tonneau Cover


LINE-X Retractable Hard Tonneau Covers have a durable matte powder coat finish that adds both style and dependability. And with their ability to support 500+ pounds, they are one of the strongest on the market. The LINE-X Retractable Hard Tonneau Covers roll fully into a canister at the front of the bed, allowing you full access for your storage needs. In addition, a unique spiral track system in the canister prevents the cover from ever coming into contact with itself as it retracts. 

LINE-X Retractable Hard Tonneau Cover


The LINE-X Eclipse Hard Roll-Up Covers feature a premium, dirt-resistant matte finish fabric that is pressure bonded to heavy-duty black aluminum slats. Superior woven material stays looking clean no matter what you put your truck through. When rolled up at the cab, the cover provides full bed access without blocking rear view visibility. When closed, the low-profile rail design delivers a sleek, flush-mounted look. 

Not only does this cover add supreme styling to your truck, it offers enhanced safety and security features that are unique to the aftermarket. Designed with multiple rows of latches that prevent unwanted access into your truck bed, the LINE-X Eclipse Hard Roll-Up Cover protects your cargo and gives you peace of mind. Latches automatically lock and release to quickly secure as well as access your truck bed. Sleek, stylish and secure - the LINE-X Eclipse Hard Roll-Up cover commands attention. 

LINE-X Eclipse Hard Roll-Up Tonneau Cover


The LINE-X Swift Tonneau Cover is truly an exceptional new tonneau cover with a unique, innovative latch design you’ll love! The Swift features a convenient single turn knob that releases the cover - allowing you to open it effortlessly with one hand for quick access to your truck bed. 

Created for the truck owner looking for a bed cover that is easy to use, lightweight and affordable, the LINE-X Swift Tonneau Cover is a perfect choice. 

LINE-X Swift Tonneau Cover


The LINE-X Deluxe Roll-Up Tonneau Cover looks great, functions simply and can be installed in just minutes. The low-profile design improves the look of your truck while the quick-release system allows you to completely remove the cover without tools and automatic tension adjustors eliminate the need for periodic manual adjustments. To protect your cargo, simply roll the cover closed and securely latch it. When you need full use of the truck bed, roll the cover open and secure with the retainer straps. 

LINE-X Deluxe Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

Ready to buy your perfect tonneau cover? Contact your nearest LINE-X Franchise to get started. Click here to find a LINE-X location or request a quote today.